Tuesday, 5 May 2015

White Butter -Utterly Butterly Delicious

If you get good full cream milk - read pure milk , you will get a lot of malai / cream that sets on top after boiling and cooling the milk. Scoop off this cream / malai and collect it in a bowl in your fridge.When you have a good amount - say 500 grams collected over the days  get started making your own white butter.
In a food processor us the plastic blade , put the cream / malai and 150 mls water, give it a good churn over low speed for 2 minutes - your butter is ready ! Now add some chilled water give it another churn for a minute and soon butter separates from the milk. You can also use a hand mixi exactly the same way.
Gather this butter , make a ball , press out as much moisture / liquid as you can - you now have your own home made white butter . The milk that remains - can be set as curd .Alternatively you can add some curd to the cream / malai , let it set for a few hourse and then make white butter.This liquid that remains is ' matha ' - delicious to drink or to cook with.
How utterly butterly delicious is that ?

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  1. Looks good! Your recipes are interesting. Will try out a few!