Thursday, 21 May 2015

Rara Avis - Restaurant Review

Rara Avis needs no introduction . If you are looking to eat genuine french food without burning a hole in your pocket this premier bistro is your answer. Osama and I sat down to some serious eating most of it was truly delicious . We shared a French Onion Soup - fabulous stuff , next time no sharing of this soup for me , tomato soup wasn't such a palate pleaser though.
Duck liver Pate was pure joy , no other words to describe that sensation when I tasted it . Chicken Aspic , beautifully plated was good too , balanced well with tomato and onion , the Pork and Duck Terrine I felt was a bit dry.
Chicken liver another total winner as was the Zucchini Gratin - cooked just right , there was a bite and a delicious cheesy  tomato sauce to bring it all together.Spaghetti with Turkey Balls - homely and hit the right spot . Osama's Veal looked great.

No meal at Rara Avis can be complete without Douzaine d’Escargots -Snails in garlic butter , decadent and delicious , guilt was tucked away for the moment as we dipped crusty bread to mop up the garlic butter , yum! We ended our meal with Creme Caramel which was sheer work of art .

The food is honest French Cuisine - nothing adapted to ' Indianise ' flavors . If you understand and appreciate the cuisine then this is where you should be with your Gourmet Passport - makes the meal that much better ! I walked out very satisfied and impressed , a superb meal and great company .

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