Sunday, 31 May 2015

Keri Methi Channa Pickle

Hrushikesh got me this delicious pickle when he came to Delhi to attend Harjeet's Master Class at Diya . Sadly the kanjoos got such a tiny portion that by the time I tasted it , it was over and left me longing for more . So Google Ji was evoked and between all the YouYubes and Kamla's Kitchen and Kanta Bai's Kitchen I managed to replicate what I ate quite closely . Everything is by approximates.I read you don't wash anything , just wipe clean .
1 Measuring Cup Black Channa Dal.
1 Measuring Cup Methi Seeds.
1 Large Raw Mango - Leave peel on , remove seed and cut to small bite sized pieces .
2 Tablespoons Sauf
3 Cups Mustard Oil.
Heat mustard oil - just heat it , add everything - shift into a jar , shut the lid tightly and sun for 1 week, turning upside down a few times a day .This delicious pickle is ready to eat - Channa retains a bite , methi and fennel flavor the oil that channa soaks in as does the raw mango add the sour touch.
The pickle Mr K got me had 80% methi 20 % black channa , however I liked the taste of the channas so much that I changed the ration. This pickle is now a month old , channas still have a bite and it's fabulous !

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