Monday, 11 May 2015

Diva Spiced - A review

Diva Spiced turned out to be a superb experience the second time around. First time too I ate some delicious Pork Belly skewers but didn't quite enjoy the Noodle Bowls and kept eying the salads the neighboring table were eating - so this time Akshat Kapoor who is a vegetarian and I went for essentially a tapas experience and ate all veg.The choice couldn't have been better at 40C

We started off Wild Mushroom Roasted Chives and Carrot Dumplings - Bang on target - a translucent light skin , flavors of the stuffing came across beautifully .Grilled Asparagus with Spicy Hoisin Sauce was as you can see by the pic of superb quality - cooked to perfection , good bite , juicy and delicious flavors. I will always order this as I will the Bomras Salad - perhaps inspired from Bomras of Goa , but nothing there is a patch on this exquisite salad.

Spicy Mushrooms which I had eyed the neighboring table eat on my last visit were a bit not happening for me . We ended the meal with a stunning Young Papaya Curry , hints of kokum , Lychees and served Crispy Ginger and Rice Noodles - a winner all the way , as was the exceptional Salted Caramel dessert.
The service was excellent - and very well informed . I asked for a slow paced meal as we wanted to chat and it worked out beautifully . The food I ate yesterday was truly fantastic . Very high quality of ingredients , lots of play with interesting flavors and everything was light, fresh and perfect !

The place is reasonable - all these 6 dishes and 2 fresh limes for 3500/- for two - you couldn't ask for anything better .

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