Friday, 29 May 2015

Bombay Canteen - A review

One of my happiest recent restaurant discoveries unfortunately is 2000 miles away .. Bombay Canteen , and who put's it better than them when they describe their space as a place where you can toast the old times and celebrate the new ? For me this is the restaurant of the year , it has something for everyone , loads of positive energy , a happy buzz , great music , super service that does justice to the innovative yet tasty food they serve.

They have introduced Chintus, Chhotas, Badas and Patialas , not drinks but
a selection of mini, small, large and extra-large dishes
making it an exciting journey on a plate . While you sit around going through the menu trying to figure out your drink and food this guy carrying a tray of Chintu's comes to your table - we settled for very happening Indian Deviled Eggs which set the tone for the evening .

Seafood Bhel - Calamari and prawns made full full bhel style with mango date chutney was brilliant .Pumpkin and Paneer Sheekh on Apple Walnut Moli Chutney were good too .Pork Vindaloo Taco were excellent - pork melts in your mouth and this would have been that big O moment for the toothless nawabs for sure .

Eggs Kejriwal made differently from what one is used to at Wellington Club
had that wow element and yes , lived upto the reputation - looked calm on the outside , and them became super runny ! A Kerala inspired Red Snapper teamed with Coconut Rice which was served in a banana leaf was the perfect end to our meal.

Bombay Canteen have got their act together and deliver beautifully - I do hope we get to enjoy this Indian Cafe & Bar in Delhi soon too.

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