Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Sikandalous Cuisine presents Vicky Ratnani Master Class

    Sikandalous Cuisine briefly went deliciously veg with a rocking master class taken by Chef Vicky Ratnani assisted by Mohit Nautiyal ! Dashing as always , Vicky had everyone attention with his warmth and wit . He discussed a few techniques as he walked us through an amazing tasting Soy Haleem , which had all but a few swear they would have thought they were eating a meat based one had they not known we were working with Soy and not meat .

    We did Mushroom and Barley Risotto - here Shiitake mushrooms lent their warm woody aroma to the dish which was finished off with orange juice as we weren't using wine - Again an incredible recipe - which you will see here soon. The tag line here was you cant ever use enough of cream or cheese - so go guilt free and cook to please your palate !

    We got to taste Beetroot and Arbi Falalfel - Arbi transformed into a sweet sauce paired with pickled vegetable and deep fried falafel chunks . Vicky's approach to cooking is freshening - he doesn't apologise for innovations and fusions. Has no qualms about admitting that he isnt a puritan when it comes to cooking and one should work with what one has at home , that suits the family rather than rigidly following a recipe.

    Some photo ops while Vicky signed our gifted cook book kind courtesy My Square along with a value card worth Rs 400 /- was the perfect end to a class full of fun , laughter and learning .I will work closely with My Square when possible - these are short and fun sessions and naturally we will continue with our regular format of master classes too .

    A big thank you to Vicky Ratnani , the management of Select City Mall and My Square for this wonderful class and all our goodies ! I hope you guys had as much fun as I did .

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