Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Olive Qutab's Summer Menu Reviewed

Olive's New Summer Menu can be described as art on a plate .Each dish was visually spectacular , light and super delicious. We started off on virgin cocktails while Dhruv sent out a Beetroot Salad .Slow roasted , pickled with an outstanding beet sorbet , all flavors coming together beautifully , this is a must order.
Next cam Tuna Tartare with diced avocado and pickled vegetables - again something really really special , I think this was Sourish's favorite.
Seafood Escabeche on a chickpea tomato and roasted garlic sauce , not too sure about this dish . However what followed was a stunning Tenderloin Carpaccio served with a rocket and tomato salad was another not to miss dish - Plated beautifully and was melt in the mouth delicious - Perhaps my favorite.
As Ajay Singh can't do without Fish and Chips we were treated to an old favorite  , perfectly fried fish with fries - total comfort food . The last dish was another stunner - John Dory served with green pea sauce , confit potatoes and chard - the photograph says it all. The grand finale was Mango served with a subtle vanilla Pana Cotta , textures of mango and slivers of meringue - brilliant.
Olive Qutab will soon roll out their new summer menu - Chef Sujan Sarkar has created a masterpiece  , do head there and treat your senses to some amazing experiences .

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