Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Mulberry Jam

I have this fabulous Mulberry tree in my garden that the birds and kids have been feasting upon .This year I figured I would try my hand at a jam - my first jam actually if I am not mistaken.

Anyway the net threw up many fancy options - I went with my instincts and came up with a winner.There is no recipe - sugar and lemon juice you will need to keep adjusting as the sweetness of the fruit will vary.
1 Kg Mulberry - Wash , remove stems.
2 Cups Sugar.
1/3d Cup Lemon Juice.
1/2 Teaspoon Salt

Put mulberries in a heavy bottom pan, mash them up slightly with a spoon or your hands and let them simmer away on low heat - They will soon release a lot of their juices and will become pulpy .When the pulp has reduced by a third add sugar , salt and lemon juice , cook till sugar dissolves .Cook till pulp reduces a bit more , it will be a thick slurry - that's fine as it will set as it cools down.Adjust sugar and lemon juice to taste , take off heat and when cool store in airtight jars. Delicious !
Paired with Feta 

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