Sunday, 26 April 2015

Master Class at Diya , Hotel Leela Kempinski , Gurgaon

Sikandalous Cuisine's master class was an earth shattering one - we just about settled down to making Baingan Ki Katli after marinating the mutton for Gosht Moplah Biryani when things started to move about on their own - we were hit by an earth quake that didnt seem to end .

Very responsibly the hotel evacuated everyone - staff and guests and we waited outside a good 45 minutes till we were given an all clear to head back. We settled down to cooking after soothing our nerves with chilled white wine and some delicious kababs .

Indian Master Chef Harjeet Kumar and his talented team put up a superb master class while Restaurant Manager Sankhadeep and his boys ensured that everyone was well taken care of , pampering us with snacks , coffee and wine .
Baingan ki Katli has everyone's attention - the flavors amazing - you will see many made soon.

Next came dahi kababs Panko coated , crunchy from the outside and creamy from within - what amazing flavors . By now everyone had forgotten the earth quake and a few glasses late were happily taking in the aromas of Biryani which was under bhaap and Murg Awadhi Korma still warm on the stove.
Green apple Shrikhand was delicious and so easy while the asparagus coconut & mint shorba had our palates in a tizzy.

We then sat down to a feast - not just these dishes , there was a delicious palak , dal , paneer and various rotis that completed a wonderful and eventful day of learning and feasting . I am so happy we held the class at Diya - which I maintain is one of the finest restaurants in Delhi/NCR . The ambiance , food and service all so special . Thank you Harjeet sir - as always you rocked !

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