Sunday, 26 April 2015

Hospitality with responsibility

Hospitality with responsibility - Today sikandalous cuisine held a master class at Diya - Hotel Leela Kempinski , Gurgaon with Chef Harjeet Kumar . We had just about begun the class when we started to feel strong tremors of today's earth quake - the worst in 81 years . Within minutes we were asked to evacuate Diya and were ushered to predesignated safety zones outside the hotel .

All guests , staff were evacuated with no signs of panic.Trolley's of chilled water bottles were in place outside . The hotel kept us posted on what feedback they were getting.

Next door Ambiance Mall - life went on .. while we stood outside we watched in shock , the mall allow entry to shoppers - weekends I know are profitable days , but what about the value of life and safety ?

Finally when we were allowed to go back in - the hotel management swung into action as if nothing had happened , everything went on seamlessly . Members of sikandalous cuisine were pampered with wine and kababs while we waited for the class start again - this hospitality I haven't witnessed too often. I was very impressed when the staff told me that the hotel has a monthly safety drill .
I am sure other hotels too have procedures in place - I witnessed this first hand , and the horror of what the mall was allowing next door was doing which is what prompted this post .

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