Saturday, 28 March 2015

Sabudana Khichri

I love Sabudana , so versatile it is - Don't know why these recipes only pop up at festive times ? This is healthy , light and delicious stuff . I did a bit of a twist , most posts soak sabudana in water covering sabudana - I was given a tip to just about moisten sabudana and leave it a couple of hours / overnight - the results are there for you to see . Each grain beautifully fluffed and soft. I also used buttermilk to which I had added salt , green chilies , minced ginger and dhania leaves to soak sabudana in and not water.I soaked overnight .

200 Grams Sabudana - Soaked in 300 Ml Buttermilk.
2 Large Potatoes - Boil , cool and cube small.
1 Tablespoon Jeera Crushed Once.
2/3d Cup Peanuts.
1 Cup Chopped Dhania Leaves.
Chilies to taste- don't use chili powder.
Lemon Juice - To taste .

Next morning fluff up sabudana with a fork and set aside while you get cooking the potatoes.
Heat ghee , add whole / chopped chiles and jeera and cook till jeera lightly darkens , now add potatoes and saute till desired level .I left mine light brown.Add peanuts and cook till peanuts begin to change color , at this stage tip in sabudana , add salt and gently cook till all is well incorporated - about 5 minutes.Take a taste , adjust salt , add lemon juice , add chopped dhania , mix well . Take off heat and leave covered to rest for a few minutes .The results are there for you to see .
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