Thursday, 19 February 2015

Soy/ Dill Aur Palak Ka Saag

Another flavorful green , not to be confused with fennel is this soya g/ dill reen which makes a superb saag . This is another winter special in Delhi and again aten with Makki or bajra ki roti at home . Recipe is basic , rustic and end results are delicious !
250 Grams Soya / Dill Greens - Chopped.
150 Grams Spinach / Palak -Chopped
10-15 Cloves Garlic -Chopped.
Dried Chilies to Taste - Break a few.
1 Teaspoon Crushed Jeera.
100 Ml Mustard Oil

Heat oil , splutter garlic and jeera along with dried red chilies . Add the greens , saute well , then leave to cook half covered  till done - maybe 10 minutes .Another delicious winter green.

Golbhenda Ko Achaar ( Nepali Tomato Chutney )

4 Red Tomatoes.
3-4 Flakes Garlic.
3-4 Dried Red Chillies.
A pinch of Timur Powder. ( Make w/o if you don't have it )
5-7 Green Chilies ( With Slits )
80-100 Ml Mustard Oil.

On a hot tawa / pan dry roast the red chilies till they change color , for that smokey flavor you can char one . Set aside for later use.Roast the tomatoes on the tawa till the skin shrivels and they break . Charred skin is an asset here ! Retain all pulp and juices.

On a sil grind the red chilies and garlic , then mash the tomato pulp into it , make a semi lumpy paste .Add salt and timur powder. Place the chutney in a bowl .Next heat the oil , when smoking add the green chilies and keep for a few seconds on the flame and pour it all over the chutney . Mix and eat with just about anything , it's delicious ! Keeps forever in the fridge . Don't hold back on the oil !

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