Friday, 20 February 2015

Ramen Burgers @ Guppy

We weren't supposed to head to Guppy for lunch - I had all good intentions to try out Fish and Chips that Anurag Katriar bragged were best at Indigo , but the place was sold out for a mammoth ladies lunch so we headed to comfort zone - Guppy by ai . My mom loves it too , so that makes both of us agree on something for a change.
Anyway this time I opted to try Guppy's version of the Ramen Burger - The original Ramen Burger being the 17 Most Influential Burgers of All Time according to time magazine.

I went in for their BBLT Ramen Burger - An total feast for a pork lover - here Guppy's signature pork belly along with bacon lettuce mustard miso sauce , sesame seedsall come together between the Guppy Ramen bun - a total pig out ( no pun ! )

I also got to sample a bit from their Hanami Festival - A celebration of Japanese Spring - Salmon and Avocado tartare was not just exquisite to look at but delicious too .

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