Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Choliya Kay Patta Ka Saag

In Delhi we get some interesting greens during our brief winter season . Hara Choliyas are a much cherished winter vegetable , but what is even better is when the young choliya bush is used to make saag - downside of course is that you sacrifice the hara choliyas themselves as this bush is used when young and tender.
500 Grams Choli Greens - Get young tender ones and mince them , stems included.
50 Grams Channa Dal.
Mustard Oil
10-15 Cloves Garlic.
Dried Red Chilies To Taste.
Nicely wash these tender greens and mince finely .Add channa dal and salt and boil till dal is done.Cool and mash randomly .
Heat mustard oil , add garlic and dried red chilies , don't allow garlic to burn , take off the flame , tip in hing , add this all to boiled greens , cook a few minutes and enjoy this delectable saag with Makki Ki Roti.
This is all village food - made simply due to perhaps unavailability of expensive masalas - or more likely the guys who grow these greens also know how to bring out the best flavors by keeping the cooking basic .

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