Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Shiv Sagar - A review

Mumbai's famed Shiv Sagar opened up finally a few months ago in Delhi on Janpath . I was expecting it to be more of a ' street food ' kind of place so was pleasantly surprised at the extensive menu which does bring many famed street foods from Mumbai and Delhi on to the table in a clean and comfortable setting , along with other favorite dishes from all over India.
The restaurant is huge , on two levels , spacious and comfortable with lots of natural lighting which works well for me .
I went with my family so we got to order and taste a lot . Pao Bhaji and Vada Pao naturally were a must order and were superb . Bhel I felt could have done with more of a kick , or maybe I like my chaat over spiced.Bedmi Aloo was excellent as were paneer tikkas , another surprise was Veg Tawa Pulao .On our servers insistence we ordered Chili idlis - Idlis cut and tossed in a Schezwan batter and fried - SUPERB ! And yes the famed Mumbai Sandwich a must order too. We ended our meal with Paan Kulfi - I was kind of vary about ordering that as I expected some synthetic flavors , but it had the real stuff in it and was a winner with my sisters and mom .
All in all a very happy experience , the menu will take a couple of visits to explore , which I am happy to do over the next few months as  is the kind of food that is close to my heart . Super well done Varun Puri !

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