Thursday, 22 January 2015

Indigo - New Delhi

My afternoon at Indigo wasn't about food alone - for me it was  more about getting to know the man Rahul Akerkar and what lead to these legendary restaurants. Sourish and I spent a sunny afternoon at Indigo with Rahul , enthralled by the stories of Rahul's life . He did it all - Played sitar for his guests - yes he is an accomplished sitar player , washed dishes at Jethro’s Restaurant where he eventually began to cook too and a few years later ended up opening India's most celebrated standalone fine dining restaurant , Indigo in Mumbai in 1999.

Rahul understands ingredients and how to give your palate the most unexpected experiences by bringing a combination of flavors onto your plate without compromising the integrity of the dish or the ingredients used - So when you order the Potato crusted Rawas and find it nesting on a brilliant Carrot and Ginger puree brought together cleverly with a slightly sour Kairy Curry , you will understand what I am saying . He also didn't hesitate to call his executive chef and discuss the Saffron & Crab Meat Ravioli which we were served but not fully to his taste and discussed how the Bell Pepper Sauce needed toning down to bring out the flavors of crab - For him the honesty of the dish is paramount .
At Indigo Grilled Chicken Caesars Salad comes with fresh Anchovies as it always should but seldom if ever served in restaurants in India.When you go there , do also order the most incredible Beer and Cheddar Souffle and the Salmon three ways - Brulee , Confit and Tartare - fantastic trio of flavors and techniques.
Vegetarians have a huge selection to choose from , my favorites were Bruleed Roman Artichokes , spicy greens and whipped Feta and a superb salad of Heart of Palm- delicious .
I can quite honestly say that this has probably been the best meal I have eaten in a long time - Indigo is the vision and expression of a very talented man !

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