Thursday, 29 January 2015

Guppy - Winter Menu

I had promised myself I would eat in different places and not head to my comfort zone till a friend mentioned a very special dinner she ate at Guppy - their winter specials , so yours truly needed no further excuse to head back to Guppy by ai for probably my 95th meal there. I wont go into the Pork belly or Tofu and Artichokes , superb Sushis or their wonderful regular dishes - What I am sharing are a couple of winter specials we ate too.
Chicken Suimono , an earthy clear chicken soup with root vegetables , chicken dumplings and anoki mushrooms inspired by the ' Dobin Mushi ' style where soup is cooked and served in a traditional Dobin teapot and steaming broth is poured onto the vegetables bringing out their flavors as it's being served , an explosion of wholesome honest flavors .
We then shared a Nasu Dengaku - aubergine pulp cooked in special miso , stuffed back in the shell and baked with garlic panco - I don't think anyone of us liked this much .Grilled Market Fish in a spicy doubanjiang sause -  fermented soya and other spice - very flavorful and delicious . This was served on a bed of vegetables and a winner all the way.
The big show stopper was Mushroom Takikome Rice - If I may take liberties and describe it as the Japanese risotto , slow cooked mushroom , kelp dashi and vegetables - a treat to the palate and a must absolutely order
The winter menu and I just tasted a part of it is a must experience . I am happy I got this introduction to some new cooking techniques of this brilliant cuisine and also got to experience a whole load of new flavors superbly showcased by Chef Vikram Khatri and his team.
Sikandalous Cuisine

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