Friday, 9 January 2015

Cafe Lota - A review

Cafe Lota

Never mind the name - I was quite keen to visit Cafe Lota after hearing good things about the place , finally we made it there yesterday on a bleak grey wintery afternoon and found the place buzzing , packed to the gills - thoughtfully warmed up with sigris - all in all a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

The menu - it's well thought out - you can do small plates or regular meals and sample their take on various regional cuisines or simply snack on some interesting dishes. We started with Palak Pattey ki Chaat and Sabudana Popcorn - both were delicious.Then came a strange take on Chicken 65 , which it wasn't , but was tasty enough. For some reason I ordered a Bihari Baingan ka Chokha - totally forgettable ! What was very nice was Kerala Mutton Fry on a Raggi Appam and an excellent Bhapa Doi kind of Cheese Cake - delicious actually it was.

Reasonably priced , service is wonderful - the food above average , the experience - a very happy one . Do check it out , the place has a lovely vibe to it and they do some superb coffee too .

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