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Sarson Ka Saag - A delicious SAGA

Sarson Ka Saag- A delicious SAGA !

I got this recipe from Jiggs Kalra's fabulous cookbook titled PRASHAD . The recipe is simple with minimum ingredients . This is how it should be considering this is traditionally  rustic village food and stuff like tomatoes and khara / garam masala were added over the years by the affluent probably to justify it's place on their dining table !.
I have made a few adaptions which I have mentioned .
1 Kg Mustard / Sarson Leaves - Wash leaves , peel stem , discarding the hard ones. Chop leaves and stems coarsely .
250 Grams Spinach.
50 Grams Bathua Leaves ( My addition - not in the recipe ).
8 Green Chilies Chopped ( I added green chili powder too )
60 Grams Ginger - Sliced .
2 Tablespoons Makki ka Atta ( I don't add )
1 Teaspoon Chili Powder ( I used whole dried red chilies ).
225 Grams White Butter .
Jiggs Sir cooked the saag the traditional way by boiling it for 115 minutes , making puree , then adding half the butter , cooking more and then the tempering . Which is the method I too followed earlier - often getting it cooked 6-8 hours over a dyeing fire in my garden - now however all that is consigned to the flames and here is my method below.

I pressure cooked the greens , half the ginger and some chilies for 4 whistles , shut the flame and allowed it too cool down. Then I pureed half the saag , mixed it with the balance saag , added 100 grams of white butter and cooked it covered 20-30 minutes.
Next prepare the tempering - take balance white butter , heat , add rest of the ginger and chilies , cook for 2 minutes over low heat , poured this over the saag , cooked another 5 -10 minutes to blend in all flavors and when serving I added 2 more tablespoons of white butter on top of the saag in the serving dish.
Super duper delicious  - No fuss - 100 % swaad !

Sikandalous Cuisine

Sikandalous Cuisine

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