Thursday, 18 December 2014

La Bodega , Khan Market , New Delhi - A review

At last the real McCoy ! La Bogeda , Delhi's only authentic Mexican restaurant is a must do , if for no other reason , then just to get that dreadful Tex Mex stuff out of our heads once and for all . The restaurant has a very happy and airy feel to it - white walls , cafe furniture and fun colorful sketches all come together to create a super ambiance.

We sat on the terrace and enjoyed our meal in the sun . The food is excellent , key ingredients imported to give consistency and authentic flavors. The presentation is superb.We started with palate teasers - Agua - flavored waters , tamarind and guava were excellent appetite builders .Tacos were beautifully presented , I loved the pulled pork and duck one.On tostada we shared a tuna and avo one and a mushroom one - again excellent starters as were the shrimp based one.Each of these were with different salsa bases.
For mains we ordered a red snapper and a grilled chicken which were again superb.I didn't much care for the corn on the cob however the chili relleno more than made up for it.Deserts were crunch churros and to die for three milk cake.
I must confess that I had heard mixed reviews of La Bodega , after eating their food I wonder why . This is a place I would head back to without a minutes hesitation - infact this is where my next sikandalous cuisine MasterClass will be - which should tell you how highly I rate the place .

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