Friday, 12 December 2014

Green Chili Powder

Hari Mirchi Powder / Fresh Green Chili Powder is fabulous ! Once you start using this you will forget the commercial red chili powder which is only fire hot while the green chili powder is not only more hot but has a wonderful aroma to it , which does great stuff to your food. Sprinkle it over daals , curd , add it at the end to your cooking and you will see the amazing results this chili powder produces.I add it to my popcorn !
Take fresh green chiles , wash and dry them in the sun - this takes 7 days or so for them to dry out totally , I then leave them in a warm oven - take the temperature to 50C place these chilies in and turn the oven off ,2-3 hours later take the chilies out , remove stems , and zap them a few times to make a sand like powder or a finer one if you like.
This chili powder is 2-3 times stronger than the commercially sold red chili powder and flavors everything beautifully ! Go for it !

Sikandalous Cuisine

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