Sunday, 14 December 2014

Bonny's - On the banks of Zurari River

The Zaurari bridge connects North and South Goa - it also leads you to one of the hidden gems - Bonny's which is perhaps the best place to eat a Christian Goan thali - apart from other catch of the day . The restaurant is set on the bank of the river and during good weather you can sit outside and take in the beautiful setting.Remember it's a thali joint not a chi chi place !!

Goan curry served with a sliver of fish was one of the best I have eaten as was the freshest and largest Lepo .We went through 4 plates of various fish and prawns , the latter not very well made . The rest of the food was super . If you find yourself driving to / back from the airport around a meal time do stop by and for some delicious serious feasting . I drove all the way from North Goa specially to eat here on Shaun Lobo's recommendation and will happily make this journey each time .

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