Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Food For Thought - Authenticity origins and food,

 Food For Thought - Authenticity , origins and food.
There has been so much talk on ' authenticity ' of recipes , of origins of dishes - often a bit heated.I was reading this fantastic Cookbook titled Jerusalem and was struck by a few lines I read , which I share to open a discussion.
The beauty of food and of eating it is that they are rooted in the now.Food is a basic hedonistic pleasure , a sensual instinct we all share and it's a shame to spoil it.You can always research further back in time , but nobody " owns " a dish because it's likely that somebody else cooked it before them and another before that.
Food cultures are mashed and fused together and are impossible to unravel .They interact all the time and influence one another- so nothing is pure any more , in fact nothing ever was !

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