Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Yum Yum Cha

I had no doubts that Varun Tuli would have created a superb product when he walked me through his plans for Yum Yum Cha - how superb it would be turned out to be a delicious surprise . He took 750 feet of space , fitted in his kitchens and service bays and yet managed to comfortably seat 40 people in this cheerfully done up , light and airy restaurant.

We ordered ' fun bottles ' which are real super tasting drinks with many a twists - do order those , they come in a few flavors , I went with Black Magic .The meal started with a Seafood Salad - it's fresh , light and has crab , scallops , tuna and orange roe - you get to experience some amazing flavors and textures here .

Now for the real thing ! We started with dim sum - Crystal Duck is a must order . It's like a reconstructed Peking duck roll , all packed into a dim sum along with cherries and hoisin , very cleverly put together . Prawn dim sum served on a yellow curry base and spicy prawn were very superb too.

Sushi was excellent - we went with Rainbow platter- which is salmon , tuna , crab and avocado and Dynamite which was a delicious salmon , spicy mayo and prawn tempura .

Then came Takoyaki - Japans popular ball shaped street food . The one we ordered was stuffed with octopus which was treated with some Tuli magic , so when you bit into it , your palate tangoed to delicious creamy flavors . I loved this.

Spicy basil rice which is the most popular dish at the restaurant  didn't do much for me . What was the perfect end to lunch was Thai lemon steamed fish - light , tangy and flavorful . We managed to squeeze in Mochi ice cream - a creative dessert where in a sticky rice ball you have some interesting flavored ice creams - we went with green tea and the other was  coconut jaggery .

Yum Yum Cha lives upto Varun's formidable reputation . He has taken cafe food to new levels , played with Chinese and Japanese dishes and flavors to brilliant ends , all possible with the support of his beautiful ( much ) better half Prathna Tuli , who was all over the place ,personally seeing to each detail , inspecting what came out of the kitchen and made each diner feel special . Do head to Yum Yum Cha and give yourself a super treat .
Guys , you have a winner on your hands !

Sikandalous Cuisine

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