Thursday, 2 October 2014

Suji ka Halwa / Semolina Halwa

A delicious halwa I grew up eating , never realized how much effort goes into making it . There are shortcuts which I am sure produce delicious results , however experience has taught me that with some recipes there are no shortcuts - here too , a slow and long ' bhuno ' of suji / semolina in ghee is the answer.
2 Measuring Cups Suji / Semolina.
1.5 Measured Cups Ghee + for later .
Nuts / Raisins - lightly fry in ghee and set aside.
Make Chasni / Sugar Syrup:
By boiling 3.5 Cups Sugar , in 8 Measured Cups Water along with the seeds of 10- 12 Green Cardamon , boil to dissolve sugar only , then leave covered to infuse cardamon flavors in the chasni.
Heat a large wok , and dry roast suji / semolina for about 10 minutes to warm up - don't allow it to color.
Heat ghee in a wok , then add suji / semolina and slowly bhuno over medium low heat for about 25-30 minutes.There is no escaping this process or hurrying it . As suji / semolina heats up it becomes darker and aromatic - however watch out , at this stage it burns easily.
When you have the desired color add the nuts / raisins and then add sugar syrup / chasni .Do watch out , it will splutter like crazy and can burn .
Now slowly cook and cook the halwa - maybe 20 minutes more , add ghee and water - that can only make it better .
You have just made a delicious Suji ka Halwa , I ate this with pooris when I broke my fast this afternoon .

Sikandalous Cuisine

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