Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Harish Lunch Home - A Mangalorean Cuisine Dream

As We walked up these dingy stair , I silently  wondered just where my foodie buddy Sandeep S was taking me for lunch . He had promised me the ultimate sea food experience and now I seriously doubted his sanity . However all that sorted itself out the moment we walked into the ' family room ' area where the manager seated us and after a passionate discussion with Sandeep , sent a server carrying a tray full of the catch of the day . Sandeep poked and prodded various fish ( I did come with the ultimate foodie !)  , selected what he approved of and then got down to ordering.
A chilled Sol Kadi got my taste buds going , then came Clam Sukha in a fiery red chili preparation which was followed by Surmai Rawa Fry - excellent stuff.I ate fish eggs for the first time - Dhaboli Kababs which were good but could have done with less masala .Rawas in a mild Arab Masala was divine - fresh and delicately flavored which was the perfect balance for Fish Pulmunchi - a medley of various fish / clams etc in a yummy Mangalorean Masala .The meal ended Kori Roti - A Mangalorean speciality where Kori ( Chicken ) is served on a rice roti preparation and the latter melts in your mouth with the kori curry - superb stuff.
Harish Lunch Home is a must visit - As it's a Mangalorean restaurant the food tends to be spicy however they have a fine balance with some delicately flavored dishes .The restaurant is nicely divided into different rooms , it's clean , very clean and the service is excellent  I am happy my last meal in Mumbai was this special .

Sikandalous Cuisine

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