Saturday, 18 October 2014

Amrut Fusion - A fine Malt Whisky form India

Not too long ago the world scoffed at the thought of Japan producing whiskey till Nikka , Suntory Yamazaki etc happened and gave the Scots a run for their money . Then Amrut hit the shelves of Harrods and firmly placed India on the Malt map- Jim Murray’s rated Amrut Fusion the Third Finest Whiskey in the World for 2010 giving it a rating of 82 / 100  . Amrut Fusion is distilled from  barley from Scotland and Punjab, making this a true fusion , which is also how it gets it's name .
Ironically many of us haven't heard of it or tasted it as it is available only in Karnataka and now selectively in  Mumbai . How unfair is that ! Why this discrimination ? Perhaps some whiskey connoisseurs could throw some light on the reason behind this .

Sikandalous Cuisine

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