Thursday, 25 September 2014

Tian -A review

In Taoism Tian is loosely translated as Heaven and that is exactly where Vikramajit Roy transforms you to as he weaves his magic , not just in the kitchen but on your table too. The cuisine seamlessly combines different flavors and creates an experiences as never seen in this city before.
The feast was endless - Watermelon spheres with roasted chilies , Tofu with spicy miso  - all superb stuff.California Apple Salad in a Chickiang ( Chinese vinegar ) reduction with a hint of paan . A Duet of Dehydrated Lotus Stem along with soy cream and herbed tofu in tamarind jelly . An aptly named earthy mushroom soup- Purity of Earth ,infused with flavors of fresh Shiitake Mushrooms .Crispy Prawns on a bed of Guacamole ,  Conft Duck Carpaccia , orange ice and ponzu jelly , all superlative .
Herbed John Dory was my favorite and a close second was Vikram's vision Chicken Green Curry .The ultimate was our dessert - dramatically a sheet of glass appeared and chef got busy , his hands moved all over spreading and plating chocolates , fruits and reductions ...Vikram asked me to break this chocolate ' urn ' filled with liquid nitrogen and BOOM  smoke happened as did an amazing dessert which was polished off in no time.
Tian is a game changer - do head there and experience what talent is all about !

Location :Tian - Asian Cuisine Studio - ITC Maurya Sheraton , New Delhi
Food Cost - Aprox Rs 2000/- per head w/o alcohol

Sikandalous Cuisine

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