Friday, 5 September 2014

Smokey's at Cyber Hub , Gurgaon

Spacious with great energy Smokey's took me by surprise . I did expect the food to be more than just good as had spoken very highly of the place - what came on our table was truly delicious. Ajay Singh forgot to count calories - and THAT is big !
When the sliders sampler arrived we noted how perfect the buns were . They are baked in house daily and that made all the difference . Same with the hot dogs .Between bites of various slider burgers - chunky chicken , smoked lamb , pulled tenderloin and lamb n bacon , Shivkaran mentions that he doesn't use cheese or jalapenos as they take away from the sliders - a point I totally agreed with as the sliders were loaded with super flavors , they do use 11 other forms of heat though .
Hot dog sampler too was superb , my personal favorites were Andhra style tenderloin and spicy chicken which were washed down with a must order cucumber Spritzer. Smokey's Super Dog - Pulled & Sliced Tenderloin is another must order.This delicious meal ended with a Molten Chocolate cake - it took a bit of time to come as it's freshly made , and so worth the wait .
Much has been written about the smoke infused cocktails at Smokey's - Sourish shared a wonderful write up on that .I tasted a lemongrass one which I loved and soon will be savored in larger quantities one evening .The good news is that they have a Cocktail Festival - Happy Hours on all Cocktails everyday 12pm to 8pm .

Shivkaran Singh's growth as a restauranteur has been very interesting , with Smokey's I think he has found his niche and is looking good - this 65 seater restaurant was buzzing at 3 this afternoon .
Do head to Smokey's for a delicious time , the food is fantastic - and oh yes , fries here are the best I have eaten - we ordered 2 rounds .

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