Monday, 18 August 2014

Ragi Semiya Upma

I have to thank Roma Patil for this divine dish . I say dish and not just recipe as she not only sent me the Ragi Semiya packet from 2000 miles away , she also gave me all the instructions on how to cook this . I have eaten semiya in kheers and was all set to bribe Krishna ji with some today using this semiya when something made me ask her for the recipe - the playful God was done out of his share of kheer and only Roma is to be blamed !

It's all approximates - look at the picture and you will get the complete picture - so as to speak !

Soak semiya in lots of water for about 10-15 minutes , and then drain and allow it to continue to drain for another 15 minutes . It will be soft by now, and increased in volume.Meanwhile chop and steam some vegetables - I used carrots , green beans and pea, Set aside after steaming and straining.Leave the vegetables half done .

In a wok heat oil , add jeera , let the seeds splutter , add whole chilies , curry leaves , and then add the steamed vegetables along with a bit of hing.Saute 30 seconds or so and add semiya , gently mix in salt and on medium heat cook for 2-3 minutes just to blend in the chownka / tempering.When done , add nimbu juice and sit down to a delicious and healthy snack / breakfast .

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