Saturday, 9 August 2014

Clams in Green Masala

In Goa and loving cooking with all the delicious and fresh seafood available around me . I walked through Mupsa vegetable market which is a treat to the eyes - you see the most unusual vegetables and some of the usual ones like bhindi in the most unusual sizes ! The Goan bhindi is anywhere between 8-10 " long , tender and is sold at Rs1 per piece ! More on that later , lets get cooking clams as shown to me by my Goan drivers mom .

400 Grams Clam - Wash them and wash them well - any sand / grit and you will ruin the dish.
3-4 Tablespoons Tamarind Pulp.
1 Onion - Chopped.
This part is all andaaz/ approximates , the quantities will vary according to the pungency of the green chiles for example. Anyway take half a coconut , 20 green chilies , 10 curry putta leaves ( Goan ones are oh so aromatic ) 1/2 " ginger , 10 cloves garlic , 1 large cup chopped fresh dhania and 1 teaspoon jeera . Grind to a paste . Add salt .

Heat 3-4 Tablespoons white oil in a wok , onions , cook till they get soft - next add masala and salt , cook covered ..slowly till oil separates , you will need to keep adding a bit of water . Once done , add clams , mix gently and cook covered 5-7 minutes. At the end add some water to get the desired gravy , then add tamarind , cook 1-2 minutes allowing flavors to blend in . Came out fabulous .

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