Friday, 15 August 2014

Breadfruit Chips

I have this tree growing in my home in Goa , and this is the first year it's fruited . In the past I have bough breadfruit from the market and made it like we do kathal full on Punjabi style ! However on this visit to Goa , my Goan driver's mom came over and showed us how to make chips - I will never cook this delicious vegetable like kathal again !
Breadfruit is small in size - say 8-9" , almost like a baseball . You don't need to peel it like you do with Kathal. Here is what we did .We sliced breadfruit as you see in the picture , rubbed haldi salt and chili powder - and some garam masala on the chips. Then coated the chips in rava , fried them in hot oil in small batches for no more than two minutes. A delicious snack or a side dish- need I say more ?

Sikandalous Cuisine

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