Saturday, 30 August 2014

Bernardo's - A review

Bernardos is this cute little Goan Restaurant in Gurgaon which relocates at a maddening frequency leaving their loyal clients in a tizzy ! However as the food here is fantastic as is the Top Chef award winning chef - Crescentia we loyal clients happily follow her from location to location !
When Tanveer Kwatra informed me that he had never tasted Goan food I was shell shocked and took it upon myself to get that sorted out ASAP - the guy is now hooked .
We started our meal with Rechaedo Prawns , perfectly flavored and cooked , delicious actually . This was followed by Prawn Almondegas - Prawn Cutlets which are not often seen on many menus , they were a bit dry .Beautifully made Mutton Croquette were next on our plates and were followed by an excellent Chicken Cafreal ( sorry about the bad pic . ) lastly we greedily ate the most amazing Goan Sausage ( Home made Chorizo ) Curry with pao .We wrapped the meal up with Bibinca - A very special multi layered Goan dessert that was divine.
There are still another 20 odd must have dishes on her menu - and we had better head there fast again before they decide to relocate to yet another place !
                              Chicken Cafreal , not a nice pic but a delicious dish

                                                              Prawn Cutlets
                                                           Rechaedo Prawns

                                                         Goan Sausage Curry

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