Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Mutton Black Pepper

The other day I was chatting about the role of spice in cuisine with food writer Marryam H Reshi and we got discussing how Indian Cuisine tends to go the whole hog when it comes to spice - in goes jeera , laung , cinnamon , cardamons of various shapes and color apart from all the chillies and garam masalas etc . That got me thinking and I decided to work with a single spice while making mutton . The end result was a very clean tasting and flavorsome and dish .
500 Grams Mutton.
2 Tablespoons Thick Curd.
1 Heaped Teaspoon Garlic Paste.
1 1/2 Teaspoon Coarsely Crushed Black Pepper ( Adjust )
1 Teaspoon Whole Black Peppercorns.
2 tablespoons Grated Coconut - Sauteed till aromatic and lightly colored then make a paste.
Curry Leaves
Marinate mutton in curd garlic salt crushed pepper and some curry leaves.Cling wrap and leave in the fridge 12-24 hours.
Bring mutton to room temperature . Place the mutton and juices in a pressure cooker and cook for 3 whistles, allow to cool down .
Heat ghee splutter peppercorn and then add more curry leaves.Now scoop out mutton without the stock and bhuno mutton , slowly adding the stock from the pressure cooker .Bhuno covered , for 5 minutes then add the coconut paste and cook another 5 minutes or so till done.Remember bhuno on low always after the initial browning/sealing . Adjust salt.
This no fuss minimum ingredient recipe comes out light and delicious .

Sikandalous Cuisine

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  1. This stuff u get mostly at southern part of India.