Friday, 18 July 2014

Delhi Gourmet Club's 2nd Anniversary at Indian Accent

Ten minutes into the meal when Manish Mehrotra came to our table I told him if anyone was standing outside the dining room they must wonder what was happening inside as , the only sounds that one could hear were ' Oh my God ' , Ohhh is this for real ' ' Aaaah ' etc ..... Every melt in the mouth bite lead to sounds that are perhaps heard in certain movies only ! The meal was that sublime , the ultimate experience in masterly gastronomy .
The master plated 15 courses X 35 individual portions , that is 595 individual plated portions were served and I am not taking into account his famed mini naans - duck stuffed , butter chicken infused , mushroom one etc  , nor his spectacular desserts which included his take on Daulat ki Chaat .To sum it up and let the pics do the speaking - I am very lucky to be heading back on the 21st for round 2 of our celebrations.
Before I sign off , a big special thanks to Chef Shantanu Mehrotra and Chef Rana who worked together with Manish to bring together this evening . All this wouldn't have been possible without he seamless and efficient service - warm and nurturing . Thank you team Indian Accent , for making this so special .

Sikandalous Cuisine


  1. Wow! All of those dishes look absolutely delicious. I'll bet everyone had a fabulous time. Have a great day... :)

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