Sunday, 15 June 2014

Sikandalous Cuisine Master Class at Neung Roi

30 members of sikandalous cuisine met at Hotel Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi for a master class with Chef Yenjai Suthiwaja at Neung Roi , what I would rate as Delhi's finest Thai Cusine restaurant .The class was beautifully organized , including a projector screen which made it so much better .Chef Yenjai ( doesnt mind being called Chef Meow ! ) was witty and fun as she skillfully lead the class and taught us how to make :
1. Goong Pan Takri - Prawns & Lemon Grass skewers ) - Delicious , soft and succulent to the core.
2. Som Tum - The famed Raw Papaya Salad - the technique was an eye opener as was the taste.
3. Tom Kha Gai - hicken & Coconut Milk - subtle and delicious - a drop of chili oil on top uplifted it to places !
4. Massaman Kea - Lamb & Potato Curry - Hints of sweet and again super succulent meat cooked to perfection.
5. Gaeng Kiew Wan Pak - Mixed Vegetables in Green Curry - Delicate and subtle flavors in a thin curry .
Saku Melon - Sago in Coconut Milk + Fresh Melons .
We then sat down to a wonderful meal of what had been taught - served with great style and care . The service specially deserves a mention as it was superb. Wines , cokes and juices - warm hospitality and an amazing culinary experience .
I have eaten here a couple of times and its always been a exceptional meal - and we were fortunate enough to be taught by the chef - who is a lovely chirpy person as she is a bundle of talent .
Thank you team Radisson , General Manager Cheema , Executive Chef Sreenivasan G , Ritul Yadav , Sumit Bansal , Ninan Mathew and our star Chef Meow for a fabulous master Class .

Sikandalous Cuisine

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