Sunday, 22 June 2014

Nepali Khichdo ( Khichree )

A delicious khichri from Nepal - don't hold back on the ghee ! I made this for 10 people , so do adjust quantities .
750 Grams Split Black Gram.
500 Grams Rice.
150 Grams Ginger Grated.
50 Grams Fresh Haldi , Grated.
For Tarka:
200 Grams Ghee ( or more )
Dried Red Chilies
( I haven't mentioned tarka quantities as that will vary with what you cooked )
Soak dal and rice with salt for 30 minutes , add haldi and bring to a boil - once boiling reduce heat and let the khichdo gently , keep adding hot water as needed.
When the rice and dal are 80 % done , add the grated ginger.Cook till done .
Now heat ghee , splutter jeera and broken dried red chilies and hing , pour over the khichro - cook another 1 minute , adjust flavors and allow the dish to stand 20 minutes covered before eating.
This is a basic and simple recipe - ginger added at the very end along with loads of ghee give a special taste .

Sikandalous Cuisine

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