Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Kala Nimbu Ka Achaar ( Black Lemon Pickle )

A recipe from my mom , hand written in her recipe book as a young bride , which would make the book 65+ years old . A lot of homes in North India will be familiar with this pickle - I suspect it's a dyeing ' art ' now.

5 Kgs Lemons.
250 Grams Red Chili Powder.
125 Grams Black Cardamon.
25 Grams Cloves.
25 Grams Cinnamon Sticks.
12 Grams Hing Powder.
25 Grams Jeera.
800 Grams Salt.
700 Grams Sugar.
Soak limes in water for 24 hours .Wipe dry and sun for a few hours.
Grind all the masalas .
Cut Lemons in halves .

Mix all the masalas + salt and apply all over the lemons.Now keep the lemons covered in a big wide dish in the sun for 3 days.Stir every day . On fourth day add the sugar , and transfer everything into jars tightly sealed , I use a ' martaban '.Sun for 2 weeks.
Take the jars and put away for a year .

Bring out to sun , taste , adjust salt / chilies / sugar , and put away for a couple of years .
Technically this achaar is ready after 1 month . But to get the true taste and all the medicinal benefits you eat it sparingly after a few years .

This photograph is of a 14 year old pickle - treasured and guarded . I have 4 batches going which are from 2 to 5 years old.


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  2. Can you sell it. Mine is finished.

  3. How do I buy these from you?

  4. Atul are all these ingredients necessary? I thought only black salt and ajwain were added to the lime. Also do you use Indian lime which is thin skinned, galgal or the foreign lemons. It's a long ago memory for me and I want to try again

  5. Mr Sikand, I am so lucky to have have chanced upon and looked at this blog of yours. for I have been looking for this aachar for some time now. Is there a possibility to have it purchased by you and shipped across the globe.
    Could you help me