Sunday, 15 June 2014

Eggs Kejriwal

No no , don't get me wrong , the name misleads . Am not inspired by anyone and haven't dedicated this dish to anyone - although mind you these eggs too are ' runny & slippery ' ! So next time you see an egg , resist the urge to throw it on someones face and get cooking !
I ate this dish at Sodabottleopnerwala at Cyber Hub  with Mohit Balachandaran and totally fell in love with it .Saw the youtube of my very young and talented friend Saransh Goila ( who won the cookery show "Food Food" ) and saw his hilarious YouTube and stole his recipe - approximately .

1. Egg.
1/2 Teaspoon EACH Onions , Tomatoes , Dhania Leaves Chopped ( Adjust )
2 Green Chilies chopped.
1 Cheddar Cheese slice / Grated Cheese.
1 Pao / Bun
Butter , Salt & Pepper.
Cut pao in half , lightly butter and toast on tava to warm up.Place the cheese on it and set aside.
Make a fried egg sunny side up ( runny ) , sprinkle chopped vegetables , salt and pepper , cook covered 1 minute on low.
Plave the egg on the pao , put egg in a hot oven JUST to melt the cheese - 1 minute , or place the pao loaded with the egg back in the pan cook covered for a minutes or so till cheese melts.
This Kejriwal egg is a good egg and owes it's origin to  Mr Devi Prasad Kejriwal , a Mumbai Marwari gentleman whose family was strict vegetarians, so eggs etc were cooked at home. This Kejri too being a rebel of sorts got the chefs of Mumbai's Wellingdon Club to make his snack - cheese on toast, topped with a fried egg and sprinkled with chopped green chillies . Supposedly that is how this recipe came to be .
So remember guys - eggs are to be eaten and not thrown - and though these look exotic trust me , Eggs Kejriwal are totally easy and for the AAM adami .

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