Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Review of Bijoli Grill

Bijoli Grill , Banga Bhawan - In my opinion the ultimate place for delicious non veg Bengali food , though my exposure to Bengali food is very limited I must confess. I happily left the ordering to my hosts Vaishali & Jayanta Das, and was not disappointed by the selection or the meal that was served . Starters we had Kabitaji Cutlets - a very special cutlet coated with an unusually prepared egg thread batter - the end result fantastic.We then ate Begun Bhaja ( Shanks of Baingan ), these looked very good but lacked flavor , I think they kept the salt low to avoid water loss and shape, followed by Bhaja Moong Dal and Alu Posto .

The feast for me began with Rui Macher Kalia - a fish preparation I believe served at weddings etc , followed by Pabda Shorshe - a fish served in a delicious mustard gravy and Pabda Jhal - a spicy and lightly tangy fish . The meal ended with a sweet and tangy yummy Tomato Chutney and Papad - no we had no place for any Mishti after this !
This is my second visit here - the place is privately run , clean and has great service - the food was by and large outstanding - specially the non vegetarian fare . Go early , they sell out and shut for lunch by 2:30 !

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