Sunday, 13 April 2014

Review - Organic Lunch at Smoke House Deli , Hauz Khas Village.

I Say Organic !

I received a message from Sid Mathur asking me if I would like to attend a talk on organic foods followed by vegetarian lunch at Smoke House Delhi , Hauz Khas Village . The idea of both appealed to me and I found myself at his stunning property in Hauz Khas Village overlooking the lake.

What appealed even more was that here was a restauranteur who was taking committed steps to inculcate and encourage healthy living by promoting healthy organic eating through his restaurant .

The afternoon started with a brief and enlightening talk by Ashmeet Kapoor the man behind I Say Organic ( ) who has made it possible for us to eat and live healthily by making available a whole range of organic products at our doorsteps , at click of a mouse / phone call.

Ashmeet sources his products directly from farmers through his network of experts and environmentalists and ensures what we buy through him complys with stringent standards for Organic production.

After his brief talk we sat down to an amazing meal cooked by Sid's chefs using only Ashmeets organic ingredients - vegetables , pasta -made from Kathiya wheat - a red wheat sourced from U.P.
I ate delicious Pomegranate and kale Gazpacho , followed by and amazing roasted beet salad . For mains I opted for the rustic and flavorful pasta and tasted Sid's quiche , everything was so fresh and different tasting , something I experience too when I eat what I grow.
I do hope more restaurants make genuine efforts to give their clients organic options on their menu , and that way encourage the farmers too to produce organically by providing them a ready market for their produce. Organic eating means organic farming - the environment , Mother Earth and we all too live healthily .Thank you Sid Mathur & Ashmeet Kapoor .


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