Sunday, 2 March 2014

Moola Kadhi ( Kadhi, The Nepali Way)

Serves 10

1/2 cup Besan ( Chickpea/Gram Flour ) .
5 cups Sour Curd - Well beaten .
10 cups water.
1 teaspoon Haldi powder.
2 tablespoon Dhania powder.
A pinch of Hing ( Asafetida ) powder.
1 teaspoon sauf powder .
1/2 teaspoon Methi  seeds.
1 Teaspoon Garlic Paste.
2 Large White Radish - Cut in thick discs and lightly hit to break the surface ( releases juices in the kadhi , or make a cut with a knife )
A thumb size piece of ginger sliced like match sticks.
3-4 Tablespoons Chopped radish Greens .
Some Curry leaves.
4-6 Green chillies chopped thick .
6-10 Whole dried red chili's.

Pakori ( Dumpling )

1 cup Besan / Chickpea flour
1 Chopped onion
1 teaspoon of Kasoori methi / dried fenugreek leaves ( optional )
1 tsp Red chili powder.
1 tsp Chopped ginger.
1 tsp Baking powder.
Some chopped green coriander / Hara Dhania

Mix all the pakori ingredients with enough water to make a semi thick paste which will roll off a tablespoon. Set mixture aside for 15 minutes, When ready to make the pakoris stir the mixture and add a wee bit more water if needed .In a kadhai/wok deep fry the pakoris by spooning the mixture into medium hot oil . The pakoris will come to the surface when ready and a nice golden brown . Use a slotted spoon and scoop out . Set aside .

The Kadhi
In 100 ml of smoking Mustard oil throw in methi seeds and whole red chilies . Within 10 seconds Red chilies will turn black . Remove from heat and add some water to the hot oil to end cooking , now add hing . Set aside . Remove whole chilies for later use .
Beat Curd and mix besan / gram flour in it. Blend to ensure that there are no lumps. Add turmeric powder, Dhania powder  sliced radish and ginger along with salt and water. At this stage you add the chopped green chilies if you are using them . Mix the now cooled oil in which the methi and hing are .

Bring the entire mixture to an almost boiling point slowly , you must ensure that the heat is medium and it reaches a boiling point very slowly . Stir often so that the buttermilk mixture doesn't curdle . When it has reached boiling point turn heat to low , add radish leaves and simmer on a slow fire for about 30 minutes. Stir occasionally adding water as needed . You want a not too thick kadhi, it should be thin.When the kadhi is done stir in the garlic paste and take off the fire.

Just before serving give a chownk ( tempering ) of some zeera  in pure ghee . Mix into Kadhi and add pakoras , sauf powder and fried whole red chilies . Radish gives a very special flavor , as does the raw garlic paste put in at the end.

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  1. Sounds wonderful, reading it while eating my breakfast cereal, I was lost in a dream! :)

  2. wow....never thought of kadhi from humble mooli...although just love the mooli paranthas...