Sunday, 23 March 2014

Loaded Potatoes

I have recently begun making these and am totally in love with the concept . The recipe is merely an indication , make a stuffing of what you like / have leftover , serve hot or cold , as always you are the boss of what you plate !
Select largish potatoes , wash and don't peel .Cover in foil and bake till done. To check doneness poke a toothpick.
Allow potatoes to cool down. I refrigerate them till they are cold , that makes scooping them out easy and they don't break.
Cut potatoes in half or 3/4 th size , and scoop out the flesh , retaining a wall .( see pic ).
Lightly oil the inside and outsides of the potatoes and bake another 10 minutes till the skin gets some color.
Now stuff the potatoes and depending upon your filling bake or serve chilled.
Peas & Carrots Stuffing:
Dice carrots to pea size , lightly saute both in butter with some herbs.You can now add mayonnaise when cold and serve them chilled or add cheese and grill them a couple of minutes till cheese melts - as seen in the pic.
Fish Stuffing:
Cube fish , and mushrooms saute with any sauce , I used Piri Piri .Now line the base of the potato with cheese ( I used Feta ) stuff with fish add more feta on top , bask till feta spreads or serve chilled.
Mushroom & Cherry Tomato Stuffing:
Follow the pea stuffing recipe
Do add some scooped out potato to each stuffing and always flavor the inside of the potato shells with cheese / salted herb flavored butter/olive oil.
Enjoy !

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