Monday, 10 February 2014

Alu Sarson - Potatoes Cooked With Mustard Greens.

This recipe comes out real good , was thought up to take care of a bundle pf Sarson Leaves that wouldnt have been enough on their own to make saag with. There are no fixed quantities , adjust to suit your taste.
1 Bundle Sarson Leaves - 3 Cups when chopped.
2 Large Potatoes - Peel/ unpeeled , cut to small cubes.
1 Small Onion - Chopped.
1 Teaspoon Garlic Paste.
! Teaspoon Ginger Minced.
Mustard Oil
Heat mustard oil , take off heat , add whole dried chilies and onion .Back on the flame saute till onions weep then add potatoes and all the spice and the ginger.When potatoes are half done add the mustard leaves. Mix well and cover . In a minute or so mustard leaves will leaves water , now add the garlic paste and cook covered till potatoes are done.When ready to serve heat up on a high flame uncovered - this kind of ' finishes ' the dish .Comes out delicious .

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