Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Nepali Alu Ko Achar ( With Silam seeds )

Nepali Alu Ko Achar
( With Silam seeds )

5 Potatoes - Boiled , Peeled & Cubed.
1 Tablespoon Dhania Seeds.
1 Tablespoon Silam Seeds.
5-7 Cloves Garlic ( Or more )
4-6 Dreied Red Chilies.
1 Teaspoon Jeera.
4 + 1 Tablespoons Mustard Oil
Lemon Juice To Taste
In Nepal and Kumaun you get this seed which is called Silam , or Bhangira. Elsewhere these seeds are known by their Japanese name, shiso or red shiso, and in some parts of the world also known as perilla. Silam has a strong taste like that of mint or fennel.

Essentially you take these seeds and whole coriander seeds , roast them on a tawa with dried red chilies ,then along with some garlic , green chilies make a coarse paste to which you add salt lemon juice and a bit of raw mustard oil . You then marinate boiled and cubed potatoes in the paste allowing the potatoes to rest 20-30 minutes.

Next take some mustard oil , smoke it , splutter jeera and green chilies in it and pour over the potatoes , lightly mixing the oil .This is another spicy and delicious alu ka achaar from Nepal

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