Monday, 13 January 2014

Chana Bhuja

Chana Bhuja is another gem from Nepal . There are many versions of this snack , adapted I suppose to suit the family palate . Earlier each ingredient was individually cooked and this namkeen put together , now fortunately for us Haldiram / Bikaner Wala does half the job.
25-30 Dried Red Chilies.
150 Grams Ginger - Cut thin like matchsticks.
200 Grams Garlic - Make roundels of the fat ones and leave the thin ones intact .
250 Grams Salted Peanuts.
250 Grams Roasted Chaha ( No chilka ).
500 Grams Alu Lachas ( spiced / plain to taste )
250 Grams Chirwa .
Red Chili Powder.
1. In medium hot oil gently fry small batches of ginger till dark brown , but NOT burnt .Set aside to cool and drain on paper.
2. In the same oil , gently fry small batches of garlic - again on medium heat , till dark brown. If the oil is too hot the outside will brown and inside will remain soft which you don't want - so ensure all frying is on medium hot oil. Set aside to cool and drain on paper.
3. Lightly roast Chanas with a little oil and salt. Set aside to drain on paper .
4. In small batches fry chirwa for 20-30 seconds till done . Set aside to cool drain on paper.
5. Fry dried red chiles till they darken - Set aside to cool and drain on paper.
Later when ginger garlic are cold , nice and crisp gently mix everything including peanuts and alu lachas . Adjust salt and chili and keep in an air tight jar . This is an absolutely delicious snack . At all times we have a large jar or two ready at hand.

Sikandalous Cuisine

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