Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Paneer Lazzatdar

This is an interesting Paneer dish we learnt in the sikandalous cuisine master class at the Hyatt Gurgaon where dishes from Avadh were taught to us by Chef Sunil Gangwal. Chef informed us that as such no tomatoes or dhania leaves are used in Avadhi Cuisine and this recipe was created to give vegetarian options and is the exception as far as tomatoes go . List of ingredients are long , the recipe is easy and the makhani gravy here is special.

Makhani Gravy

2 Kg Tomato.
100 Grams Ginger Garlic Paste.
150 Grams Khoya.
10 Grams Kashmiri Red Chili Powder.
200 Grams Butter.
5 Grams Kasoori Methi.
5 Grams Garam Masala.
100 Grams Cream.
50 Grams Cashew Nuts.
2 Grams Cinnamon Stick ( use 2 large ones ).
4 Grams Green Cardamom.
2 Grams Cloves.
100 Ml Ghee
50 Grams Sugar.

This is for bulk cooking - adapt as I did too.
Boil tomatoes in just enough water along with whole spice , cool and grind to a paste .
Saute Cashew Nuts with ghee and make a paste with khoya.
Heat ghee , saute ginger garlic paste along with khoya and cashew paste , add all the ingredients along with the tomato puree , cook covered over low heat till oil separates and puree thickens , I let the gravy simmer for 30 minutes covered on very low heat , adding a little water - Strain the gravy ( I didn't ) and add cream sugar and butter .

200 Grams Paneer.
50 Grams Capsicum.
12 Grams Shahi Jeera.
250 Grams Makhani Gravy ( Recipe above ).
50 Grams Cream ( I avoided ).
50 Grams Ghee

Cut paneer in thick fingers.
Cut Capsicum slightly thinner.
Heat ghee add jeera , then capsicum , saute just till it softens , don't overcook , Add paneer , cook another minute or two , add makhani gravy , cook 5 minutes and garnish with cream

You will love this !

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  1. Atul Ji,you have given a true awadhi like paneer recipe.I will try it soon.

  2. This recipe is a HIT! I have been making this recipe often since it has become hubby fav. Thank you so much for sharing!