Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Maharaja Khichri

Maharaja Kichadi.

Prepare a watery khichri  using 200 grams each Rice and Toover Daal, with some Salt and Turmeric Powder and the juice of 5 lemons or more. This is a tangy khichri
For Tadka:
Heat Ghee in a Pan, and add Jeera, lots of cloves of un crushed Garlic, long slit green Chillies and Curry Patta. Then add chopped 2 Onion. Sauté till light golden. Add 4 chopped Tomatoes, Chillie Powder and saute till it releases the Ghee. Just before serving mix in the Rice thoroughly, check seasonings, garnish with fresh chopped Coriander, and dribble melted ghee. This Khichadi should have a tangy Lemony taste and a soggy consistency

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