Saturday, 28 December 2013

Cauliflower Soup

Thank you Ruchi Airen for the inspiration behind this soup . A few twists and turns and out came a delicious healthy no fuss soup.
There are no quantities - will try regardless !
1 Kg Cauliflower .
20 Cloves Garlic.
10 -12 Spring Onions.
Olive Oil.
Salt / Pepper .
Soup Cubes
Clean cauliflower , discard the danthl , roughly separate florets as shown in the pic.
Chop spring onions in large chunks , use the greens too.
Keep garlic whole.
Take about 60 Ml Olive Oil and coat the vegetables with it .
Set oven at 180C , bake 20-25 minutes till cauliflower softens.
Some spring onions / garlic will burn , that's wonderful as that adds the flavor too, in fact scrape the burnt bits off the baking dish to use in the soup.
Cool the vegitables , take 1/3 and zap once in the blender to coarsely grind , leaving some chunks.Blend the rest into a semi paste.
Add water / soup cubes / stock - bring to a boil with the vegitables , season to taste ..drizzle some extra virgin olive oil just before serving.
Absolutely delicious .

Sikandalous Cuisine

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