Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Roast Chicken

Roast Chicken

This is my first roast chicken and I am really happy with the results - came out delicious and juicy .

1.500 Grams Whole Chicken With Skin.

The marination - all approximates and to suit your taste tweak them:
150 mls Extra Virgin Olive Oil
50 Grams Melted Butter.
1 Tablespoon garlic Paste.
1 Cup Chopped Fresh & Green Parsley + Basil + Chives. ( Use Thyme or avoid herbs if you dont have any handy ).
2 Tablespoon Crushed Black Pepper.
120 Ml Lemon Juice
Wash and pat dry the chicken . Then take the marinade and gently but generously rub it all over - under the skin - be careful not to rupture the skin , and also huge dollops of the marinade along with about 10 - 15 whole unpeeled cloves of garlic and one lemon sliced - the slices all stuffed inside the cavity . The rest rub all over the chicken - be generouus with butter and oil !
Take a string and truss the chicken to tie it up as seen in the picture - Youtube this part if need be.

Chop carrots , leek / spring Onion ..many whole cloves garlic and butter and salt .. mix all , place them on the bottom of a baking dish . Place chicken on top . Bake at 190 C for 90 minutes , turning the chicken once and basting .I covered the chicken half way and cooked it like that - end result was delicious , soft and moist !

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